Wild Indians And Other Common Misconceptions: A Real Life on the Mission Field

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Author Carol Martin

The summer Carol Keels arrived in Colombia, South America in 1971, she had visions of moving into a village of indigenous people, learning their language, translating the Bible into this language, writing primers and holding large literacy classes and then setting back to watching the whole village be transformed by God's love. Four years later, the Keels still had no one even willing to help them learn the language. This is an engaging, first person account of triumphs, discouragements, bats, and snakes. It is a life uncommon to most but the quiet faith, steadfast commitment and true courage of Carol's story makes it relatable to all. A common misconception is that missionaries are somehow more spiritual, more holy, and thus are put on a pedestal. Without Him, we are nothing, but in Christ, our life can be a great adventure if we step out of our comfort zone and into His plan for us. Whatever the challenge, daily life requires from all of us our faith and dependence on our Lord is we are to be victorious.